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To Help You Get The Tools & Strategies Needed To Succeed In Life No Matter What The World Around You Is Doing...

Let Rodolfo Be There To Guide You To The "Next Level" Life, Mindset, Capabilities, Drive & Success With Private LIVE Trainings Twice Per Month!



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Here's What This Is About And Why This Is What You Need Right…

What would happen if you learned the same secret to become the artist of my life that allowed me to overcome 30 years of trauma and the loss of all my wealth and become STRONGER than I was before? Well, that's precisely what I will do LIVE two times per month only to my Inner Circle members. 

This will be the place where you can refuel yourself with the energy and support you need to carry on while getting the tools and strategies that will help you turn your dreams into reality no matter what the world around you is doing.

Listen, we both know that the world is in a crazy place right now and that more and more people are getting paralyzed by fear. We also know that more people are trying to adapt to the 'new world' while losing hope of creating the life they deserve. The Life Artist Inner Circle is here to support you on your journey, making sure you don't get stuck. Find out how below...

Success Takes Persistence

Do you know why top athletes become so successful? It's because they all have a coach that pushes them to be the best version of themselves, and constantly share the tools and strategies they need to keep reaching the top of the hill. And as athletes need it... so do you.
That's why I'm inviting you to join my Inner Circle, where I go LIVE twice every month for next level trainings...


  • Every month, we will share up to 180 minutes together LIVE.
  • ​​​I will share the successful tools and strategies I am currently using on my own journey and with my high paying clients.
  • ​You will be able to share your story and get the support of the whole community, or have the chance to jump on a coaching session with me LIVE.
  • There also be awards for people who engage fully and ask great questions.
  • ​​Our community constantly shares the INCREDIBLE impact the calls are having on their confidence, inner strength, drive, and ambition to live their life fully and break through what is holding them back. Like, who else is keeping you inspired, focused, and pushes you to become the ARTIST OF YOUR LIFE!?
  • ​Our ancestors knew the importance of a community and the right support. And like they did in the past, you now don't have to walk the path alone anymore. You are about to become apart of something bigger than yourself and one day share what you'll learn to impact someone else's life...

LIVE Twice Monthly Sessions With Me Where I Share My Usually Private Steps To Success

I have been holding retreats for the last 4 years worldwide, ranging from 
$997 to $6500 for a weekend to a full week.
But by joining my INNER CIRCLE, you get me TWICE per MONTH... and to make sure I'll overdeliver to give you the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE you need, you can now join me for just $97 $47 a month right now...
And maybe you're asking, Why might I be a good coach for you?

Here's what others have said about me…

Working with Rodolfo has helped me with problems I was having with guilt. After working with him, I was able to forgive myself and feel a release from the guilt and has brought more happiness to my life. Thank you, Rodolfo, much respect.

Raphael Q. - Orange County, U.S.A.

One of the most beautiful people I've ever met. He will help you find your inner strength and stay centred through difficult situations, really life-changing, can't recommend him enough.
Esorab M. - Oakland, NZ

Esorab M. - Oakland, New Zealand

Anyone thinking of wanting to reclaim their lives and reconnecting with those parts of themselves they have shoved in the corners for years and years, Rodolfo is your man. He will help you shine a light on those places and forge forward with gusto and live the life you've wanted. He uses a unique combination of reflecting and questioning skills that help you step back and see the stories you've been telling yourself and let you turn the page to a new chapter... I couldn't recommend Rodolfo enough. He uses his own life's journey as a way to show you how it can be done... he has lived it all and is now living his truth.

Nathanial P. - Sydney, Australia

I am back at work and feel myself getting stronger and better each day. After a lot of hard work, I feel like I have been reborn - much stronger & wiser than ever before! I am a total Warrior. Rodolfo, I have so much gratitude and so much respect! Thank You! 

Elizabeth S. - Melbourne, Australia

W H A T    Y O U  G E T


Join my Inner Circle TODAY and receive these amazing gifts to help you move the needle in your life and business – for FREE…

Bonus #1: All Recording of The Inner Circle Trainings ($1,692)

Get immediately copies & access to all the sessions after you join us, so you have the sessions always at our fingertips might you need a refresher  of inspiration, tools & strategies and to stay focused.

Bonus #2: "My Gratitude Journal" ($47)

Gain The NEW Secrets To Success In This Unprecedented Virtual World With Some Of The Top Leaders of The Past Decade! Discover How To Pivot The Top 5 Most Important Areas Of Your Life To Achieve Success & Stability In This Brand New Virtual Economy!

Bonus #3: My "Healthy Boundaries" e-Book & Video Course ($397)

"What If You Could Feel Grateful Every Day... Even If You Felt That There Was Nothing To Be Grateful For Right Now?" Here is my Gratitude Journal that will help you do just that.

Bonus #3: Inner Circle Private FB Group

Stay connected with your community so you can keep being inspired and supported whenever you need it. Expand your connections so you're always surrounded by likeminded people & have the chance to pay it forward by being there for others in return.

** Plus A Few More Incredible Surprise Bonuses! **

Remember, every day you hold off is a day you could've start becoming the artist of your life... Hurry and join today!!

I Will Share With You Everything I Know...

This is not yet another 'learned from the book and report' kinda thing... All you will learn from what I will be sharing has been lived on my own skin and on the skin of the guests I will invite to join us.

That's Right... When You Sign Up Today, You'll Get Instant Access To All That I Have Learned Along My Journey & From Mentors.


  • ​​How To Effectively Move Past Anything That Is Holding You Back, And Achieve What You Want. That's right. It doesn't matter if it is trauma, anxiety, or depression that you want to overcome... or want to learn how to take your health, business to the next level. This is the place you will get the support you need when you need it.
  • ​Powerful Purpose Finding Secrets. Learn how to effectively find and start living your purpose.
  • ​​Overcome Fear. This powerful training will show you how I overcame the fears of failure, of not being good enough, not being loved, and death... and how my wife overcame her fears and healed from breast cancer. And once conquered, our fears grew a 7 figure company and employed over 20 people.
  • ​​Connect With A Community That Will Have Your Back. To get anything you want in life, you need the right community around you. We all have ups and downs. We will all be facing challenges in our lifetime. But with the right people around you, nothing will feel impossible anymore. All of the successful people of the past and present mention the importance of the people you have around you. Here you will find the people you have always been looking for, people that will be happy to see you grow, heal, and thrive.
  • ​​You and your dreams don't have to be alone anymore. I'm here to help you reach whatever you desire in your life, and I'm here to share what I've learned with you every single session...
And for just $97 $47 (worth a few Starbucks coffees), you get instant access to all of this for a full month!

I wanted to create a special offer that would help you stay connected to your bigger future and allow you to have my ongoing support, lessons, and training...

Whether you want to heal from trauma, overcome anxiety or depression, want to take your health to the next level, or grow your career, start your new business, or grow an existing one... 

I'm here to guide you with step-by-step guidance, pushing you to achieve a set of defined goals that will actually take you where you want to go.

If you want to anchor in the habits that build true success, purpose, and happiness, then this is for you. 

If you want to BECOME the ARTIST of YOUR LIFE, you need the next level of coach...

And I'd love to be one of those coaches for you.

So that's why I'm offering this to you for $97 $47.

And if you stay with me past the first month, then you'll continue to pay $47/month... And you can cancel anytime!

Yes, absolutely - you can cancel anytime by replying to any of our emails and letting us know that you'd like to cancel. It's that easy.

Sign up now and join my Inner Circle training, and you'll soon realize this is worth so much more than the $47.

The $47 is just a kind of a symbol of your commitment. The commitment to start creating your life and stop managing your circumstances. So you're in for this, right?

Think about it…
Would you pay just $47 to have me train you twice every single month LIVE and teach you the same secrets my clients pay thousands for?

Would you pay just $47 to get access to a private community of people who are ready for more in life just like you who will celebrate you for your achievements, breakthroughs, courage, and readiness to become the artist of your life?

Would you pay $47 for instant access to $497 worth of my Become the Best Version of Yourself program?

Of course! Who wouldn't? 

Don't miss this opportunity - it's a one-time offer only.

The Inner Circle training was only reserved for my high paying clients, but the world needs support and guidance more than ever, so we thought to open it up to the public for a fraction of the cost. For the clients who have come through us over the past 4 years, THIS secret treasure has been a powerful ingredient to overcoming obstacles and find opportunities like nothing else.

It's time to use this to overcome those fears and get the confidence to change your life in a way you've been wanting until right now... 


It's In The Moment Of Decision That Your Destiny Is Shaped. 

This Is Your Defining Moment. Join My Inner Circle Today...

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